Audio has been submitted!

I have recorded, created, edited, link-shared, and submitted my audio for the podcast contest! Now, the waiting begins…

For your enjoyment, here is what I submitted.

This was posted just after the deadline passed to ensure I get in.

I look forward to visiting New York soon.

Be sure to bookmark the Casting Call Show and follow along with this great opportunity for podcasters everywhere.

Any questions, please contact me.

Today is the deadline

I am still not ready to submit audio to the podcast contest. I have wasted time and effort and I am unsure of what to do. In fact, I am wasting time right now typing this blog instead of putting together some small audio snippet for the judges to listen to. Okay, I will get back to it now. I want to enter and I want to win, and neither will happen unless I stop typing and get it done! So, wish me grand luck, I need it.

I have many ideas…

I am unsure of what to write in this space. I am not a creative person, nor am I an elegant writer. Some could say I try to hard to be what I definitely am not: a good writer. I prefer audio.

I would like to create podcasts. I would like my own studio to craft a decent podcast for the world to hear and understand my views. I have opinions, I have a firm grasp of how our world works, I would like to offer my own set of solutions for problems that need solutions. I ramble, but that is me. I talk a lot, but that is just me. I annoy people, but that is what I do. I hope you can understand that I am not trying to be the same, I am different, I am me!

Listen, I have something to say. How do I use WordPress to make what I want to post accessible to all? I know it is possible, because others are doing what I want to do.

I learn best by working in a team. Alone, I am nothing. I lack focus, I lack the knowledge, I lack the skills that a team harbors within it. I am thinking of a team of four or five. Minimum four. Maximum five. That is what I have discovered is the ideal team size. So that work can be doled out evenly and no one is left out.

I need a better writing studio, better recording studio, better facility all around. I need to be useful. I can be better if you will just allow me to be better. Please do not ignore me. Please do not leave me to work alone. I find it very difficult to explain myself. Doing the best I can with what I am provided. Life is not supposed to be this damn difficult!

I am ADD and OCD and maybe even autistic too. I can be difficult, but I do not intend to be. I am easily frustrated, I have an anger issue, and I lack friends to talk to. I do get it that everyone has a life, some have families they must attend to, I fully grasp that, and that is why no one, not even my own blood, has time to sit down and talk and listen to me. I am lonely. I want companionship, but I also want to be a part of a team effort. I can be useful. Give me a chance to prove it. But, remember, I do not accomplish things on my own, I can only accomplish things as a member of a team of four or five, equal distribution of workloads.

This is my plea for assistance and acknowledgement. Please respond when possible. Thank you.